Restaurant Website Design Packages

Professional Restaurant Website Design tailored to meet your needs.


Starter Package

One Page Website

The starter package is a great way to get your business online without sacrificing quality. In most cases our starter package goes above and beyond what many restaurants currently have for their website.

You Are In Control

You manage your own content while we take care of all of the nerd stuff to keep your website running properly and safely. We have a support center as well in case you need help figuring out how to use the backend of your website.

Most Popular

The Special Package is the most popular, it builds upon the Starter Package with additional pages to promote certain areas a little stronger by giving them their own page or more visibility on the home page.

Promote Harder

This package gives you a larger online footprint with your website helping the SEO (search engine optimization) a little more and showcases your reviews stronger as well as your specials and catering.


Special Package


Entree Package

Turn Up The Heat!

In addition to the other packages great features you can use more images on your home page to promote featured menu items, we all know good pictures sell food. You can also have a preview menu featuring four to six of your most popular menu items that will include the dish, description and price, a link to your menu will be provided as well.

More Integration

With the Entree Package you get more integration, we can link the website to your existing POS system if you have online ordering to increase your online orders. We can also link your new website to your Open Table account for reservations.


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With this feature you manage your own content, 24/7 availability. We set your website up with back-end access so you can go in to your website whenever you want to make content changes; change text and pictures on your schedule. We go to great lengths to make the back-end user friendly, we also provide a support center for you to log in to if you need to watch tutorial videos on how to use the back-end tools. You can also submit a support ticket on how to do something if you need help figuring something out.

The monthly fee for this option is $39.99, or you can pay $439.89 annually and get one month free.

What you get for this fee: Software Updates, Security Updates, Platform Updates, Hosting*, Domain Name, Support Center Access & Back-End Access built in to the website so you can manage your own content.


If you are busy or just don’t feel like doing it we can make changes for you. We charge in blocks of 15 minutes, this saves you money.

How We Save You Money

Most places charge in two ways, they typically charge a much higher monthly fee giving you a certain number of change requests each month (some months you may not have any changes but you still pay for them) or they charge you an hourly rate with a one hour minimum so if the change only takes 15 minutes you pay for a full hour.

How We Charge

We work from your account balance, you purchase credit for 4 blocks at a time. We charge in blocks for 15 minutes for $25. As long as we stay under the 15 minute mark you only pay $25 from your balance for the change request. Don’t worry, if it goes over a few minutes we round it down. Depending on what we have going on at the time we have not charged anything for changes if they are quick changes and it doesn’t take us away from a current project. Keep in mind we do this all day so we can do a lot more than the typical user can in that 15 minute window of time.