Trusted Partner Program

Professional Restaurant Website Design tailored to meet your needs.

What is our Trusted Partner Program?

Our Trusted Partner Program has been established to provide additional services and/or products for restaurants to make things a little easier on the restaurant owner so they can get more information and services in one place. We screen these businesses to ensure they are partners that will provide good service or product and hold high customer service standards. We also want to hear feed back from the restaurant owners that use these Trusted Partners so we can ensure that consistent levels of quality are maintained.

Restaurant Web Design Trusted Partner Program

Do Trusted Partners Pay to be on the website?

No, the businesses do not pay to be listed on the website. Our payment is knowing that the restaurant owners are being well taken care of, that means more to us than having them pay.

Can I get my business on the Trusted Partner Program?

Yes, use the form at the bottom of this page to give us your business information so we can do our due diligence in ensuring that businesses on the Trusted Partner Program list meet the requirements.

Trusted Partners




Go2insurance360 is an Independent Insurance Company offering Comprehensive Insurance and Benefit Planning. We bring together the pieces of the insurance puzzle to provide you with sophisticated insurance solutions with uncompromising dedication. We strive to create and retain long term relationships with due diligence in the selection of our products, personal service, and proven benefit designs that meet your needs and budget.


SERVICE PROVIDED: Front of House System for Wait List, Reservation, and Loyalty Management

We all love to go out and try new restaurants. But a long wait list can ruin a culinary experience before the first bite. Hostme was born from our food-loving team’s frustration about waiting-and our always churning creative minds. We asked ourselves, What if we could simply carry our mobile phones, and wait for a text, instead of holding onto a big buzzer with a limited range? What if we could choose to wait a little longer long enough to finish up that drink and that conversation without losing our table entirely? What if we could be rewarded for our patience, and earn loyalty points for the time we spent waiting in a virtual line?

Hostme is our answer. Waiting is a frame of mind. Hostme reduces frustration for diners, hosts and restaurants and replaces the traditional reservation system with a real-time app that makes no-shows and big buzzers obsolete.